ZGM Organizes Training on Prevention of Service Crimes in Private Enterprises

With the aim at further deepening the legal and compliance progress of the Company, putting in place the management requirements of a “Compliance Enterprise”, improving the level of corporate governance according to law and compliance operation, gradually promoting the development of the criminal compliance and service crime prevention system of the Company, building the institutional defense line, consolidating Ideological foundation, standardizing corporate management, and preventing and reducing service crimes in private enterprises, Zangge Mining Co., Ltd. (ZGM) successfully organized the Training on Prevention of Service Crimes in Private Enterprises on April 21, 2023.


The training was lectured by Wang Jubao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Head of the Legal Affairs Department of the Company. Middle and grass-roots managers, key employees and some party members of ZGM, Geermu Zangge Potash Has Co., Ltd., Geermu Zangge Lithium Co., Ltd., Mangnai Zangge Resources Development Co., Ltd., Geermu Jiajin Industry Co., Ltd. participated in the training.

The key points of the training included the inevitability of enterprise compliance operation and the importance of preventing service crimes in private enterprises; what is corporate compliance and criminal compliance; what is the severity of the violation, the crime and the punishment; the crime of accepting bribes by non-state staff and other common crimes affecting the development of enterprises; and causes of crime and preventive measures. After the lecture, the Company organized the participants to take an on-site exam. The training explained profound theories in simple language, with both theoretical height and practical depth.


By listing the common crimes that affect the development of enterprises and the illegal and criminal behaviors involving service crimes in the Criminal Law, Secretary Wang Jubao analyzed the main causes of inducing service crimes and the status quo of criminal legal risks faced by the Company, and pointed out the countermeasures to prevent service crimes and the criminal legal risks that the Company should pay attention to in operation. He gave a detailed explanation on the importance of and how to strengthen the criminal compliance development of the Company. In view of the legal risks of service crimes that cadres and employees of the Company may encounter, he put forward the following preventive suggestions: 1. Strengthening professional ethics education and publicity of the rule of law to educate employees to abide by discipline and law; 2. Paying equal attention to economic and social benefits; 3. Strengthening the corporate compliance development, improving rules and regulations, standardizing own management and supervision, and enhancing the supervision of key departments and positions such as production links, material procurement, sales and finance; 4. Synchronizing prevention mechanisms with the fight against service crimes.


At the end of the training, Secretary Wang Jubao expected everyone to establish a sense of criminal legal risk prevention, resist temptation, restrain desire, lead an honest and clean life, and obey the law. He further expected everyone to uphold the concept of “scientific compliance, streamline and innovation, fairness and righteousness, dedication and trustfulness, cooperation and win-win”, to be “Out of the mud without staining, the ripples without being demonic” as lotus, and to insist on personal integrity that “the day has eyes, the night has ears”.


Through the training, cadres and managers at all levels of the Company have a deeper understanding of the importance of corporate criminal compliance development, the types, characteristics and preventive measures of duty crimes in private enterprises, which has improved their own legal literacy and risk prevention awareness, and effectively avoided the occurrence of duty crimes. The training provides a rare learning opportunity for the managers and a legal guarantee for the healthy development of the Company.