ZGM Joins China Enterprise Anti-fraud Alliance

Recently, Zangge Mining Co., Ltd. (ZGM) passed the qualification examination of China Enterprise Anti-fraud Alliance, completed the membership process, and officially became a member of the China Enterprise Anti-fraud Alliance.

Aiming at anti-fraud, China Enterprise Anti-fraud Alliance is a non-governmental and non-profit cooperation organization sponsored and established in Shanghai by the only internal control association in China and Vanke, Ali, Shimao, CIMC, SF Express, Midea, Country Garden, Fosun and other benchmark enterprises and Sun Yat-sen University. With the original intention of “Working together to fight fraud and build a prosperous society”, and adhering to the vision of “Clean China Influences the World”, the Alliance is committed to the research and service of the new governance system and the modernization of anti-fraud capabilities, the formulation of standards, and the sharing of blacklists.


The Company has always placed business ethics in an important position, adhered to the business principles of Fair Competition and Anti-corruption, set up the management structure with the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors as an evaluation body, and the Audit Department as a permanent institution, and formulated and revised the Anti-Fraud System in 2022. In daily management, the Company requires the new employees to carry out anti-fraud training and the education on laws, regulations, integrity and morality, and enhances employee awareness and regulates employee professional behavior through employee manuals, training and publicity activities. After joining China Enterprise Anti-fraud Alliance, the Company will share anti-fraud resources with members of the Alliance, improve anti-fraud capabilities, and jointly promote the research and development of domestic anti-fraud systems.