Product Quality Technological Innovation

 The Company insists on the quality principles of focus on customers and guarantee quality; all staff participation and continuous improvement; create value and contribute to society”, establishes the whole process quality management system, and promotes the product indicators to reach the advanced level of the industry constantly. The Company formulates the quality management systems such as the “Quality Management System”, the “Corrective Measures Control Procedure”, and the Letter of Responsibility for Quality Objectives”, established the three-level management structure with the deputy general manager serving as the top person in charge, and optimizes the technical quality specifications continuously with the “self-perfection and self-improvement” mechanism, so as to ensure that the Company implements standardized and streamlined management of quality objective, quality standard, process control and other links. The Company has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, and passed the national well-known trademark certification in 2014.


 Due to the longer product quality management line of potassium chloride, in order to enhance the management efficiency, Zangge has been making efforts on digital transformation in recent years, integrating information technology into the product quality management process gradually, and increasing the quality assurance efforts. In 2022, the Company created an information-based tool of “Quality Traceability Card” to achieve the traceability of the link, time and workshop of product quality problems by printing codes on the packaging bags, so as to improve the product quality, and facilitate rapid response to and solution of the quality-related problems raised by the customers.


 The Company adopts the world’s advanced “one-step method” to extract and produce battery-grade lithium carbonate. Through continuous technological innovation, the purity of lithium carbonate produced by the Company reaches 99.7%.

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 The Company adheres to revitalizing the enterprise through science and technology, promotes technological progress, and makes breakthrough in the mining technology of “separation of production and transport, decentralized extraction of brine, and centralized delivery of brine”, the technology of adding brine in salt pan and series water discharge, the technology of production of high quality potassium chloride with low-grade ore, and the technology of on-step drying and one-stage bag dust removal. In particular, for the large amount of waste low-grade solid potassium in the mining area, the Company develops the solid-liquid transformation technology, winning the scientific and technological achievement in Qinghai and the third prize of scientific and technological progress achievements in Qinghai.


 The Company completes the “Research on industrialization of lithium extraction from ultra-low concentration brine for battery grade lithium carbonate technology” project based on independent research and development, overcome the worldwide problem in “one-step” purification of battery grade lithium carbonate from ultra-low concentration brine, which is the first in the world, promoting the development of lithium extraction technology from salt lakes in China, and contributing the corporate strength to the green and clean development of the industry and even the society. The Company is never satisfied with the existing achievements, conducts research and development testing and technology innovation continuously, and develops centrifugal extraction, electrodialysis and other advanced technologies, so as to further improve the purity of products while increasing the utilization of resources.