About development history
The journey started

The journey started


Salt lakes resource integration

According to the national spirit of resource integration, salt lakes resources were integrated for 13 potash enterprises east of Qarhan railway and Qinghai Kunlun Mining Co., Ltd. The company spent a huge sum of money to acquire the shares and assets of the 13 potash enterprises.


Independent research and development of solid-to-liquid technology

Aimed at a large amount of abandoned low-grade solid potassium in the mining area, the technology is for the dissolution of solid potassium ore, regardless of its grade, and for the transformation of liquid potassium. It can increase the economic basic reserve of minable potassium chloride by more than 60 million tons. The technology has obtained two invention patents, namely “a method for preparing carnallite raw material from solid potassium ore” and “a mining method of solid potassium ore”.



Construction of special railway

Construction of special railway

A special railway with a length of about 30 kilometers was built by the company, connecting Qarhan station of Xige section of Qinghai-Tibet railway with the end of loading line of Field I and Field II of Lake Station of Golmud Zangge Potash Co., Ltd. The project has effectively reduced production and transportation costs, improved transportation efficiency, further alleviated the loading pressure of the existing Qarhan station, guaranteed the production and transportation of the company, and provided strong supporting construction conditions for the development and comprehensive utilization of Qarhan Salt Lake resources and the construction of green mines.

Expansion project of MOP with annual output of 320,000 tons

It has not only enabled the company to obtain good economic benefits, but also laid a foundation for sustainable development, and transformed the resource advantages of Qarhan Salt Lake into economic advantages. It has driven the resource development of Qarhan Salt Lake, promoted local economic development and employment of the region, which is of great significance to the economic growth of Qinghai Province.

Expansion project of MOP with annual output of 480,000 tons

The company expanded its production scale by investing in this project to develop and utilize the salt lakes resources more reasonably, efficiently, comprehensively, and economically.

Started solid-to-liquid project

The project reinjects the old brine mixed with fresh water into the original mining site, which can not only dissolve the solid potassium ore, but also recycle the old brine discharged from the production of potash. It not only solves the long-standing problem that the old brine cannot be discharged and overflows everywhere, but also avoids the aging of the brine caused by the penetration of the old brine. At the same time, the low-grade solid potassium ore is dissolved and utilized, and the potassium content of the brine after ore dissolution is increased. Because liquid is flowing, ore dissolution is beneficial to the brine quality of other companies in Qarhan mining area. The implementation of the solid-to-liquid project forms a balanced closed-circuit circulation system of brine mining – production – brine drainage, realizing zero discharge of wastewater. What’s more, the falling funnel in the mining area will stop expanding due to brine mining, so the resource environment of the salt lakes is protected. In this way, the comprehensive utilization rate of resources is improved and the long-term and efficient utilization of resource is realized. The implementation of the project can effectively extend the service life of resources in the mining area, and has practical and economic significance for both the local social stability and the rational and orderly development of the east ore section of Qarhan Salt Lake railway.

The company went pubic

On January 16, 2016, the CSRC approved the backdoor listing plan of the former Golmud Zangge Potash Co., Ltd. and issued the reply – Approving the major asset restructuring of Jinguyuan Holding Co., Ltd. and issuing shares to purchase assets and raise supporting funds from Qinghai Zangge Investment Co., Ltd. (zjxk [2016] No. 114). The company obtained the approval document on January 19, 2016 and successfully backdoor listed on June 28, 2016. The stock name is Zangge Holding Co., Ltd. and the stock code is 000408.


Application of process technology to improve the separation effect of flotation potassium and fine s

Together with Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy of Science, the company completed the project “Application of process technology to improve the separation effect of flotation potassium and fine salt from carnallite”. Through the study on the efficient separation of potassium and sodium from carnallite ore, the decomposition and crystallization parameters have been optimized, and large-particle MOP has been obtained. After flotation, the coarse potassium grade and potassium recovery have been promoted. The technology was awarded the third prize of scientific and technological achievements of Qinghai Province and scientific and technological innovation of Haixi Prefecture. The research contributes to the production of high-quality potassium chloride with large crystals in a way different from the traditional process, which is of great significance to the technological promotion of China’s potassium fertilizer industry.



Investment and construction of the project with the annual output of 20,000 tons of lithium carbonat

Based on the existing technical reserves, the company focused on the investment and construction of the project with the annual output of 20,000 tons of lithium carbonate with Golmud Zangge Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., providing new driving force and growth point for further improvement of the company’s overall competitiveness and sustainable development. The first phase of the project was approved by Haixi Prefecture Commission of Economy and Informatization. At the end of the year, the project “10,000 tons battery-grade lithium carbonate (phase I)” was accomplished and successfully put into operation, realizing the comprehensive utilization of other mineral resources in the mine section. It has promoted the sustainable development of circular economy, transforming resource advantages into economic advantages, and laying a good foundation for the development of multi-industry chain of salt lakes resources.


Public welfare donation: 163.8

While constantly consolidating its foundation and striving for innovation, the company also takes social services and public welfare as its supreme pursuit. Over the years, it has donated large sums of money to support poverty alleviation activities in villages and towns and actively supported education, such as funding the construction of Golmud Experimental Primary School. After the “5.12” earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan, the “4.20” earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai and Ya’an, Sichuan, the company generously donated money and materials to the disaster areas. It has played an important role in targeted poverty alleviation, contributing to education and earthquake relief, with a cumulative donation of 163.82 million yuan.