Gather Women's Strength, Highlighting Women's Elegance

In order to meet the arrival of the 113th March 8 International Women's Day, further enrich the cultural life of the Company's female employees and activate working atmosphere, the Trade Union of the Company held two Women’s Day fun events in March 3 and March 6 in the headquarters and the Lake District respectively with the theme of “ZGM Female Employees, Your Participation Adds Colors to the Event”, which were participated by a total of more than 80 females workers, with the activities including spot shooting, fun darts and ping-pong ball clamping. On the occasion of the festival, the Trade Union issued a gift card worth RMB 200 for 449 female employees each to express their care and greetings to female employees, gather women's strength and stimulate women's spirit.

The fun events fully tested the participants' flexibility and showed the female employees' sense of strength. The whole competition was both intense and interesting, each participant felt the joy and pleasure of winning in their busy work, everyone said that they would take this event as the carrier and devote themselves to work with a new style and high morale.

Exhibit women’s style, gather women's strength in the new era. In the new era, women have emancipated their minds, updated their ideas and broadened their horizons, fully revealing the power of their circle of life. The fact that Trade Union carries out fun events and issues gift cards shows that the Company is committed to fulfilling the needs and expectations of employees, encouraging female employees to actively play a social role, forge ahead and inject new vitality for the improvement of self-value and the better development of the Company.