Improve the Accommodation Environment of Employees and Highlight the Humanistic Care of the Company

In order to improve the living conditions and quality of life of employees, and to provide employees with first-class, ease and comfortable accommodation environment, the Company leased the staff dormitory building of Qinghai Zhonghao Natural Gas Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. located at No. 29 Jianshe Road, and carried out a comprehensive renovation. The renovated dormitory building was officially put into use on July 14, in which the first batch of 41 employees have resided.

The dormitory has a total of 176 rooms, including staff quarters, guest houses, offices, duty rooms and cleaning rooms. Each staff quarter has an independent bathroom, wardrobe, desk, bookcase, a full set of clothing and cleaning equipment and other infrastructure, together with full coverage of WiFi broadband network, 24-hour hot water, bathroom mirror light, clothes room and other humanized highlights. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the civility and safety of the staff quarters, the Company has formulated scientific and perfect management regulations and monitoring mechanism, and organized health inspections once a week. The dormitory is also equipped with cleaning and guard staff responsible for the cleanliness and security of public areas, providing a clean, warm and safe accommodation environment for employees.

In the Qarhan Salt Lake plant of the Company, the Transportation Department has also completely renovated the original railway crossing dormitory to provide more comfortable accommodation. The previous dormitory area was small, enduring a long time of rain erosion, with problems such as foundation collapse, house leakage and so on. After a meeting of the leaders of the Transportation Department, the dormitories in the first and fifth crossings were removed and rebuilt, and the rest dormitories in the other five crossings were repaired. At present, the project has been successfully completed, and the newly built crossing dormitories are durable, spacious, bright, airy and comfortable.

The construction and use of the new staff dormitory building and the new crossing dormitories is another concrete action of the Company to improve the working and living conditions of employees and enable the majority of employees share the results of enterprise development. The Company has always upheld the humanistic concept of 3P management, i.e. Of the People, By the People and For the People, which, while caring and supporting employees, encourages employees to devote themselves to work, give full play to their potential and talent, and make contributions to building ZGM into a first-class modern enterprise.