The Company Launches the Knowledge Competition Event of Safety Production Month 2023

In order to further study and implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress and the important discourses of General Secretary Xi Jinping on safety production, and stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees to learn safety production knowledge, on the occasion of the 22nd Safety Production Month in China, the Trade Union and the Safety and Environmental Protection Department of the Company jointly held the Safety Production Month 2023 knowledge competition in the electrical classroom of the Lake District on June 14, with a total of 60 employees, 20 representative teams of the Company participated in the competition. The Competition aims to further put in place the main responsibility of the Company's safety production, enable employees to understand and master the safety production skills and self-prevention and self-rescue abilities, and create a good atmosphere for all employees to pay attention to safety production and participate in risk prevention.

The Competition closely focused on the theme of the Safety Production Month, with the number of seats and competition questions for the 20 teams determined by drawing lots. The Competition included the three parts of personal questions, team questions and audience interaction questions, which are flexible in content, prominent in idea, and wide and deep in context. Each of the competitors was in high spirit, exhibiting the positive and courageous spiritual outlook. The fierce Competition lasted four hours, finally the Power Supply Center Representative Team of the Public Utilities Department (Wang Zhouquan, Chen Fengxia, Qi Anglazhong) won the first place; the Mining Workshop Representative Team of the Production Management Department (Dai Guozhong, Zhu Wenlong, Li Honglin) and the General Office Representative Team of the Public Utilities Department (Zhang Fuchun, He Zhanchuan, Wang Xiaorui) won the second place; and Workshop 1 Representative Team 1 (Zhang Mingrong, Bao Guoliang, Ma Guoping), Workshop 1 Representative Team 3 (Pei Rong, Tao Xiaobi, An Huibang) of the Production Management Department, and the Representative Team of the Transportation Department won the third place.

Competition for promoting learning, learning for promoting action. The competitors contributed to safety production with their answering action. The Competition has effectively improved the safety awareness of the employees, created a good atmosphere of keeping safety and learning safety knowledge, and transformed the learning results into the work effect of promoting safety development. After the competition, the employees all realize that the work of safety production has only a starting point but without an ending point, it should not only be reflected during the Safety Production Month, but should be emphasized frequently to ensure the long-term and stable development of the Company.