CO3≥99.6% Potash – powdered potassium


1. For industry

It is mainly used to prepare other potassic salts, such as caustic potassium, potassium carbonate, potassium nitrate, potassium ferricyanide, potassium permanganate, and monopotassium phosphate. When magnesium chloride is electrolyzed to produce metal magnesium, it is often used as one of the components of electrolyte. It is also used as thermal medium in petroleum cracking, well sealing in petroleum drilling, and electroplating industry. In the medical field, it is used as diuretics and substitute salt.

2. For agriculture

As one of the three elements of chemical fertilizer, it is widely used as the base fertilizer and topdressing for both field and cash crops. Its functions are as follows.

·To regulate the function of crops, reduce the evaporation of water in leaves, and improve the drought resistance of plants.

·To promote the formation of cells in plants.

·To enhance the ability of plants to resist diseases and adverse climatic conditions.

·To balance nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrient elements in plants.