K2O ≥ 60% large-particle potassium chloride

Red granular potassium

Product Name: large-particle potassium chloride

Molecular formula: KCl

Melting point: 776 ℃

Properties: a kind of neutral salt, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-explosive, and easily soluble in water.

Content: K2O60%

Major uses: As potassium chloride is a water-soluble fertilizer, it is easy to lose after fertilization. The slow-release potassium fertilizer is produced by curing and cooling. The product has the characteristics of uniform and round particles, high strength, high nutrients, and adjustable slow efficiency. It can not only meet the requirements of mechanized fertilization, but also be used as the raw material of mixed fertilizer. As one of the three elements of chemical fertilizer, it is widely used as the base fertilizer and topdressing for both field and cash crops. Its major function is to regulate the function of crops, reduce the evaporation of water in leaves, and improve the drought resistance of plants.