ZGM Conducts a Flood Control Emergency Drill

In order to thoroughly implement the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on flood control and disaster relief, improve the Company's prevention and response ability against extreme weather and the staff's emergency response ability for flood control, and facilitate Company's emergency work for flood control and disaster relief quickly, efficiently and orderly, at 15pm on July 11, the Safety and Environmental Protection Department led more than 30 cadres and employees from the Mining Workshop of the Production Management Department, the Public Utilities Department and  Chuangyu Logistics Service Co., Ltd. to conduct the 2023 flood control emergency rescue drill.

The drill focused on simulating the failure of the south Hobson Lake flood dam affected by rainfall and the flooding of the operation platform of the downstream Pumping Station 1. After receiving the flood report from the flood watcher, the Communication Group immediately reported to the Head of the Flood Control Leading Group. The Site Commander for flood control issued an order to gather more than 30 emergency rescue persons and flood control equipment to rush to the disaster site. The six groups including Communication Group, Salvage Group, Logistics Support Group, Rescue Group, Guarding Group and Medical Group quickly entered the emergency rescue state, the Medical Group rescued a wounded at downstream Pump Station 1, and immediately transported the wounded to Geermu City Hospital for treatment after emergency dressing. The scenario of the drill was real, and the groups closely cooperated and performed their duties, and quickly carried out rescue work in accordance with the drill plan, the “dangerous situations” were handled promptly and effectively, and the expected results were achieved smoothly.

After the drill, the Chief Commander of the flood control rescue drill and the Safety and Environmental Protection Management respectively commented and summarized the drill, pointing out that all employees should seriously sum up experience, check and make up for shortcomings, timely improve the shortcomings of the flood control emergency drill, and further improve the Company's flood control emergency rescue capabilities and levels.